Sunday, 10 August 2008

I dono where to start..
It's been a long time since i wrote one of these late night posts from my own home!
It's August...yeah so?
I've spent it looking at old diaries and reveling in who I used to be, being surprised that I wasn't as naive as I thought I was.
hmmm...I like Sundays
I need new headphones
I wasted so much food this weekend
It's a miracle that house doesn't have a rat
Oh thats what I wanted to talk about
So I spent the weekend at Akshay's place
It was fun
We got a lot of work done
  • Script for movie ready!
  • I can't wait for Coonoor!
  • Listened to 1979 from Debs mp3 thing
  • Akshay had promised me we'd listen to that on the way there..someday
  • And that someday could very well be the 27th of August!!

And a lot of fun too :)
  • Whiskey
  • Three double shots
  • We drank to 'Homecoming', to Milo, to me being there and to Felix and Deepa ;)
  • I sang Razor and it actually sounded good..I like my drunk voice
  • When I put my head down on the pillow it felt like a planet..rotating and revolving..orbiting the sun while going around its own axis at uneven
  • I slept on Shake's shoulder
I'm unbelievably comfortable with them
Even changed in the dark in the same room!
He he..I guess they really are brothers in every sense of the word
We sat up gossiping (pah! boys!)
They wanted me to dish
I did
he he...just enough to keep them from thinking I'm absolutely boring!
Last song...Karma Police..deb's rendition
Then the! it was loud!
I moved around a lot
At one point I was squished between shakes knees and akshay's tummy!
A lot of maneuvering to be done there
Finally Snorer No1 decided to use the loo and I invaded his space, abscond with the pillow
He had to sleep diagonally the rest of the morning!

Yeah..I've left out a the real reason I had to change
The Room mates
Brian Sa
Ivan...'That's one pretty fella', I remember saying fella..they did the oxygen rush thing on him...
The weed
The pork
Batman Begins..I only remember being awake thru the credits
Oh and the return of 'That thing only'
Grin...I love these Rls

The morning never really started
Lots of pancake style one that I particularly enjoyed
Attempted Grand Theft Auto..I suck!
New scene in movie...shots in seconds
We were pros by the end of it
But I know the movie is gonna be very different from what we are picturing right now
Ah well..It's gonna win an Oscar someday
And as Suppu once said we'll go get best screenplay award ok?
Grin..nothing wrong with dreaming
That reminds me I have to make Raakhis!
The smiley idea dint really work..have to figure out smt..
So much to do this week!
Sigh...slowly dear slow and steady is the way to go
He he...degrees of freedom..

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