Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I Believe in...

I read in the bible today

(And the bible is smt I do believe in)

I read that we are ‘a law unto ourselves’

It’s smt that made a lot of sense to me

After a long time.

I know God

I don’t want to say I know everything

I know I believe

I know I believe in a living god

I know that there is

A law I am not forced to follow

The law I will still follow because I love the God I believe in

Because I do believe in eternal life

And I do want to live in paradise.

Romans 2:15&16

It clearly says that the Jews have a law

The Mosaic Law that tells them what to do and what not to

And what punishments they will get for what offenses

But we, gentiles, don’t have a law like that

We don’t have to follow the ten commandments

We don’t have to be circumcised or baptized or receive communion

All we have to do is believe

The sins we commit are already paid for on the cross by Jesus Christ

We have to believe that

And how do we live as believers?

How do we decide what is wrong or right?

Don't we need a law, a code, a guide?

We are directed by nature

We have a conscience

An internalized system of morality

Which may or may not coincide with the law of Moses

We obviously follow the law of the land

The social structure we live in dictates our actions

But what if you could rob a bank when you were sure you would never get caught?

Would it still be against your conscience to do so?

Something Peter said made a lot of sense today

I will not rob this from you because I would not like to be robbed

But what if I do not rob this from you because I do not want to displease the God I believe in?

Even if that God is a creation and not the creator

Do unto others as you would have done unto you

Yeah, that makes sense, crime would be a losing game if everyone did that

And Christ did say that there are only two rules you need to follow

Love God

And Love thy nieghbour as thyself

I would say if you loved God you would love his creation, you would love your neighbours too, you would love yourself too and all of the earth you live in.

If you loved God you would not do any of the things the commandments tell you not to do because you know that God gave those laws to people he believed in, people he loved, to make things better for them.

You would honour your father and mother. You would not covet your neighbours wife or goods, you would not lie or steal or cheat or anything.

Cos if you love God, you know God. And you know these things would anger him. You know you would not get to heaven if you did these things.

But what if you knew you were getting to heaven either way and all your sins are washed away already and all you need to do is believe.

Would you believe and still sin?

This is what I’ve been doing. Believing…but not In Faith.

Believing is not nearly enough

It will get you to Heaven but nothing more than that.

Your crown of gold will be burnt to hay.

So am I doing good only to get my gold crown? Only for the prize?

Doesn’t that make me materialistic…even in the next world

I’m doing good to please God

I’m doing good because once I believe I know no other way to live

I do good because I love God and I want him to love me

Not because he has to

Not because I know no matter what he will always love me

I want him to love me because I’m me

I want him to love me because I’m being the best me he could ever see me be

I want to follow that plan he has for me

Because I know it’s the best

And I know that the more I sin

The further away I take myself from that plan.

Everything is meant to be the way it is

I need to be content with the way things are

I need to learn to change myself

Before I wish the world would change

God give me the serenity to accept the things that cannot be changed

The strength to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference.

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