Saturday, 13 September 2008

This is the way you make me feel

U got me feeling like a child now
U make me feel like dancing at two in the morning
U make me feel beautiful without even looking into my eyes
U make me feel loved without saying the words
U make me feel wanted in this forsaken world
U make me smile when I'm about to give up

I'm better off sitting here
With this Nervous heart break

But you make me look beyond frosty roads
You make me dream of dark, lovely nights
You make me feel I'm not lonely when I'm alone.

I'm better off denying myself
Of Knights on black horses

But you've gone too far
Too far to let my mind control my heart
You know that line
You've crossed it

And you don't know
And I don't know
And yet we go
On this midnight stroll

As long as I have somebody keeping me strong
Keeping me company
Keeping me sunshiney

You're adorable
In the way you never forget
You're gentle
In the way you caress
Keeping me coy
Bringing me joy

And just when I thought my heart was too cold
You melt it
You divine it
You smell it
You come close enough to touch it

And I'm letting you in
And I'm helpless
And I'm letting you in

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