Wednesday, 8 October 2008


It's that time of the year again...the clear-up-your-saved-msgs-before-ur-phone-blows-up time! So here goes...these are some quotes, epitaphs I found interesting and just took down to think of later...some notes I wrote to myself and don't mind sharing and some random lyrics of real and made up songs :) Enjoy!
Read at your own risk!
Hmmm..where do I start..oh some of this stuff is actual msgs! like the kind ppl sent me and I dint want to delete and the kind I wrote and never got sent or were saved for the sheer brilliance of the way they were written..he he...ok goes..

"Out of all the things i can do online i miss my blog the most..Not that i would be writing anything imp in it..but just the fact that it's there makes me feel a diary is not the same thing.."
This was when my comp crashed for a while and it was being so cocky..just refused to work!


And this is something I wrote a long time ago: "Rain falling from leaves..I have this peculiar habit of praying when I hear an ambulance..In fact that's the only time I do pray..For strangers..i pray that whoever is in that ambulance wont lose their lives today..I pray that the doctors and nurses know what they’re doing…But most of all I pray that the driver knows all the shortcuts possible! That he reaches there in time..Sometimes I can’t tell if its going to collect the injured person or headed to the hospital..I pray either way..It’s like rain from trees..”

And this is something I just remembered..It’s not saved…I don’t know if it should be here..But I’m writing it:
“Why do I keep doing this to myself”
“Get out Nehal! Be the thinking Nehal”
And later that day it was her status msg :) and she thanked me…and I said she dint need to…but maybe she just did…the word that goes here is ‘genuine’. You know it’s genuine when your friends thank you so it’s ok to say thank you even among friends.
Another one from that day that I did save:
“I like this….The need to be needed is fulfilled :)
Sometimes I don’t know if I AM helping..but I’ll say some things anyway…and in the very first spring cleaning post on this blog I wrote about not needing to be there all the time for everyone….I said
“You don’t need to go running every time you see a frown. People are capable of taking care of themselves” Yes, Nehal liked that.…and sometimes, somethings just need a little more zecuf :)

“He he..I put radio and thank u started playing! Sometimes I’m lost for words..Full love will come in my stomach..In my throat..In my eyes..And sometimes..Just sometimes it's a little too much to look at u and think just how much i really do love u! U may be the biggest bum available! The most naive creature on earth! still u manage to be the most crazily lovable thing! what would i do for clothes if u weren't so thin! ;) ppl hug in different ways.. Mine come when we sing on ring road..Laugh loudly at traffic jams and rip full speed in total silence and know exactly what the other is thinking! he he..I love u ok! There! enough! I'll miss bus if I write anymore :-P yeah ppl ARE wondering why i have my tongue stuck out! :D" This one requires a little explanation..first of all it's here not cos I want everyone to read it but because I want to remember this moment and 'save' it. It all started with a silly argument that some ppl are better to hug than others :P
Now, it reminds me of smt she said on her blog .....moments when you realise what someone means to you...yeah, so i guess even though the moment was silly, the realisation was pretty profound. I did give her that hug in the end, whispered 'idiot' in her ear. Idiot for ever thinking she means nothing to me.
Yeah, I'm not the kind who slacks from expressing what I really feel, so even though I was standing at a bustop, sweater draped over one arm, bag in the other, I typed out this long heartfelt msg around two minutes after the hug.
'Thank You' by Dido is one of HER songs. And the weird ':P :D :)' s at the end were just to make sure her reponse would be a :) instead of a :'( . He he..she took ages to reply and when she did it was nothing more than a '....'
Well, in our case rendering someone speechless is not such a bad thing! three minutes later she was back, cursing me for pouncing this on her! he he he...then I made her play all OUR songs....Boston, Make a memory, Move along, Fix you.....
Yeah, I'm not going to write anymore here, the better hugger girl ;) says we still have a long way to go.....and we do....


“Ironic…when the literal meaning is the exact opposite of the real meaning!”
This made so much sense to me. Many years ago, Ramona asked me to explain irony and though I know what the word means I can't define it.
I found this in a movie called 'Reality Bites' and the next day in class....ha ha...we got into so much trouble for this....I wrote it on the desk with a piece of chalk....she asked what it was and two minutes later we were sitting joblessly in the foodcourt, successfully kicked out for the first time in our lives! There was slight contemplation and immediate rejection of the idea of apologising to Abnormal Ashwini. Oh! the irony!

"The world is filled with answers. You just have to ask the right questions!"
I know I'm not the first person to come up with this but I fail to remember it's source so on this occasion, I'm going to take credit! -bow-


  1. I've found the rite words to express my feeling..even when it comes to commenting on ur blog..:)liked when us said ''Yeah, I'm not the kind who slacks from expressing what I really feel''...MsgED like it...:)

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