Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Ok..I'll admit it....I got bored with the whole copying out from phone thing...so i watched Greys Anatomy..Season 4, Episode 10..here are some lines from there:
"It's good to be scared. It means there's still something to lose"-Chief

"And somehow, improbably, and when you least expected, the world rights itself again"-Meredith Grey

"I think it's better to have someone, even if it hurts, even if its the most painful thing you had to do, even if it's the most painful thing you've ever had to do"-Meredith Grey
I like the last one specially because it has this sense of desperation of needing someone, needing to be with someone at any cost.


Lines from songs:

"But there's no sense in traveling If we've already been that way."- KT Tunstall from The Beauty of Uncertainity.
This is for Coonoor and Kerela, it's not that you're not the perfect places to be, it's just that I'd rather explore the unexplored.

"I'll reckon it'd be my turn to win some or learn some"- Jason Mraz from I'm Yours
This line struck a chord. It's such a cute song and you try to sing along......'win some or lose some' and then he catches you and twists you a bit by saying that every failure is a learning experience, an oppurtunity for you to grow as a person..I like that..the way he's put it without sounding in the least bit preachy!

”When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose”- Bob Dylan from Like A Rolling Stone. Here comes the why? / why not? argument…Why not when there’s nothing left to lose...

“Sometimes the last thing you want comes in first..Sometimes the first thing you want never comes..”-Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung

Naik and me full on bonding...he he we have more things in common than we could ever have imagined...he he...


This is smt I found in the newspaper when we were joblessly sitting in quickies...we were downstairs for a change and the waiters take ages to get there...

"Dreams are not those you get while sleeping..dreams are those that don’t let u sleep”- Akhil Kumar

He's some Indian boxer dude who won a medal....found this pretty impressive for someone who spends his days punching the life outta another human being...

“The true expression of freedom is having the most important thing in the world without owning it” 11 minutes…Paulo Cohelo

Yeah once in a while I do read a book or two..Cohelo seems to be my readers block writer..in the sense he makes me wanna read him even when I dont realy wanna read anything...and he's amazing..cos he just makes so much sense u feel like taking out a pencil and underlining parts of that book..it's like instant wisdom...gives me smt to think about..and when I do ponder i realise that I dont really fall for everything he says cos I do have theories of my own...somehow he seems to find a place in my head where I can intellectually agree with him and just say "Yeah, that makes sense"
This was one of those moments. the story is about a prostitute who is in search of love...and yet she wont let herself fall cos she can't, cos she won't, cos on some level she thinks herself in capable of it. It's sorta freaky how u start identifying urself with her..at least I did and I was surprised at the way I suddenly found her acceptable, human, normal..despite the dispicable things she does to stay alive.
There's a fine line drawn between passion and ambition, love and lust and as she's figuring it out for herself, I am forced to think about it myself.
So, late at night when all the GV family is asleep, I creep into her skin and dwell there for a while until the hard cushioned bed with its matching hard cushioned pillow give in to my pestering, absorb some of the awe-inspiring thought, and fall asleep around me.

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