Thursday, 8 January 2009


Its pissing off to realise you’re just like your mom!

Especially when she’s doing the same things her mom did.

I’ve been ‘looking after’ my mom these days.

And she can be SO whiney!!

It’s amazing!!

‘I’m sick and dying’

‘People don’t care about me’

‘Someone ate the kiwi from the top of my birthday cake!!!’

Aargh!! I feel like screaming!!….Isn’t that the same thing your mom said to you in all those pathetic letters from Goa!!

Bite tongue… ‘Shall I make soup?’

‘I don’t want tomato soup’….Whine….‘Kichidi with Pallak’

Ah sigh…fine!

Icky mustard oil…jeera…leave out the chillis on purpose…her stomach’s upset…K.I.S.S.

I need Gallagher to drown out the yelled-from-bed instructions which out-shrill the pressure cooker whistles.

Grab a bowl….dump…prawns pickled in B’bay…ah done!

Pallak Palao and Prawn Pickle! Served!

“Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already the voice inside my head”-I Miss You, Blink 182

‘Wash your Hands!’

‘Where are your slippers?’

‘Don’t touch that’

Do I really need to be corrected so many times? Even when I’m running the house for you?!

‘Heal me, I’m Heartsick, I’m hungry and I’m broken’ -No Vacancy

‘Not Crocin! Not Disprin! No! I won’t go to the doctors!’

And I WILL eat only Cashew nuts!

“Get me this…get me that…Bring me this kinda that…make sure it’s from there and make sure it’s free or at least on sale!”

And I WILL throw a tantrum if it’s past expiry date!

“Help me get up, help me get dressed, call my friends to see if their kids are fine!’’

And I WILL hold you responsible if they aren’t!

“AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Is this the first time in your life you’ve had a fever?!!!”

“No…I’ve been sick before, I just never tell you”


This is the first time she’s been unable to get outta bed to cook, to pack lunch, to stand at the gate and yell at every spitting passer by!


‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’-U2

Just when things can’t get any worse, I realise I can’t do it all by myself and I have to be dependent on these creatures called brothers who are not exactly the most responsible things on earth!

But then, he is a good son and I don’t need to all proudly possessive of her.

And he did sleep on the mat in her room

And he did make me smile by putting me on the hotlist and calling me boss.

And he did roll out chapattis…I’m the only one complaining when they turned into tacos instead of phulkas!


It’s hard to love someone so much

That you can’t eat until she’s full

You can’t sleep till she’s snoring

It’s not that I mind waking up at 6 for the milkman. It helped me break my bunking streak with Felix!

But it's just irritating and scary when a strong person cries

It’s hard to see your happy person frown

And the one who has taken gooood care of you all her life

It’s hard to take care of her.

And she may have taught me how to read, tie my laces and board the bus but she never taught me how to look after her.

‘Bah! You should have made me do nursing instead of this stupid FEP!’

She played out this whole deathbed scene with Zo and Pranav this morning.

But now she's all up and about...putting off lights, turning down my music and making sure I never touch the TV remote. My mama's back :)


  1. Oh god. I loved it. Beautiful structure (with or without the page breaks. with or without the lyrics)
    I spent thirty seconds looking for an "Add to favorites" button!!! Shows how much i LOVE this post and how much therapy i need for youtube addiction. I bow down to your ever-powerful way of making writing look like an art only you could master! MWA!
    (I wonder if i could leech off you for the rest of my life?)

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  3. it...'my mama's back'..aww..nice one..
    I really hope one day your daughter wouldn't say the same words as u said in the blog..
    But it looks it prety guaranteed that she would end writing 'Her' moms whining too..:)

  4. @ Shar...You're gonna be my publisher someday!! :D
    @ Am...I'm sure she would! Life always comes full circle...ha ha!