Wednesday, 28 January 2009

JanuarY Too-uh-oh-NIN

Shitfest started this week
It ends soon apparently
i wanna do another lit-crit and just not turn up for the heck of it
I mean my school friends are getting more guilt on their consciences than I am..ah my perfonified superegos! how I miss ya!
There used to be a time when I was so addicted to you I used to think in Blogger
Like what's Music of the moment today..ah this line..this song..
Ah now it seems lame...blogger, I hereby outgrow u!
  • 2009 rings in my space...but thats kinda...celebrity-ish!!
  • bout wordpress? It's bloody diff to figure in I got super confused with the templates there...well, that's not really saying much...but then again....who wants a user-unfriendly blog!?
  • ok so hotmail spaces!! open up to the worldo! Unfortunately all my faithfuls have long-abandoned their MSN ids for cooler gmail ones..ah the monopoly of google! sigh...
  • So I guess I'm sticking to u..just a template change...ah time to be picky...tic tac I u?!
  • ok so I'll change the title and all...gosh! how somberi can u get!?
Yeah so I've grown outta the blogger craze, but the apparent lack of a different comfort zone and the massive migrane induced by dreamboi makes me sing
'hello again..
it's you and me...
kinda like it always used to be...
sipping wine..killing time..
trying to solve life's mysteries..'
Bon Jovi, Make a Memory..never heard of it?!! really!!
Youtube now! I can almost see Shar's mouse clicking on 'new tab'

But really getting a new blog is like when ur mom insists on clearing ur room and u come in and find such a bloody neatmess! and every morning you have to yell: 'where's my freaking deodrant!? I can't find my belt!! aaaa!' much for lousy mondays...I went to coll in my pyjamas once last week with a half ironed kurtha on top..ha ha...thankfully no one noticed soon enough to say smt nasty..
afterthought: i think they just like having things to do and ppl to correct!
The truth is I can't stand change.
I wanna yell "Leave me alone, u freaking jobless fool...61 and retired means 'lie on ur back and watch tv...set up kitty parties if need be' ..Dont tear apart my thermocol photowall!
Don't rearrange my mattress every two days!
Dont abscond with my blanky!!!
ah..then they wonder why we prefer their bedrooms which has stayed static for the last 16 years...
Seriously, there's enough 'change' in the world and within me to get home everyday and see my dressing table torn apart! mirror, mirror on the wall....wait..which wall? I sure it took only one kung fu slam to distantle the teak..but teh tweak was as vain as Chans princess resque!

And u wonder why I dint have a troubled teen life! well, here's a bowlful of adolescence for u!
Twenteen indeed! I'm moving out next month! u can stop complaining bout my room not being a replica of yours..thank you very much!
*******************************END OF RANT***********************************
So, what I intended to write about was this realisation thingy
You know like gullsense when you bump into rocks and suddenly something just hits u
and its not like its painful or anything
and I dont go all 'ah why dint I see this before'..well not anymore..cos it's happened too often
But this is what a migrane does to kinda makes me think till it hurts..and then think all the way back till it stops...and no amount of running cold water alternated with steel tap bumps can help..
I burst into uncontrollable angry tears at room changes when I tried that (I'm only allowed Disprin as a sad alternative...... medicine?..I think not!)
Oh and resting a wet head on ur own pillow is not allowed anymore apparently...

Note: rule change in democratic Reys/Gamat household:
1.Even if your sweet smelling pillow is on temper-tantrum-throwing thumbi's bed..u cannot lie on it!!
2. TTTT as described above is allowed to comment on how poorly you have been brought up with statements like 'The only remedy is a good tight slap'
Outrageous u say? Wait for ammendment no390795308...up next week...
Oh did I say end of rant....ah the angst...yes, even I'm left wondering when my twentieth birthday flashed past..
So it's time to crown the new queen and all (image of crowned king of future month flashs past while struggling through chapter on stress)
I don't believe in gifts any more...Christmas, Birthday,'s all a pile of can add it to the Valentine day waste basket..cos really the only ppl who profit are Archies/Hallmark and Crosswords/Landmark and(or) Dairy Milk/Temptations...depending on how cheap/frugal the gifter is. Pardon the Industrial Psych tone..thank u, Stefen!
Chapter 4
Gifter Psychology
Factors affecting giving of gifts
1. Budget for the month
2. Long term savings
3. Time of feacal year ('he means fiscal calender, I think'...'I can't really read triple zeroxes')
4. Intimacy of fiend
5. Immediacy of treat
6. Prepatory speeches given by peers-Highly motivation, btw!
7. Estimated gap between festival and b'day--Capricons get highly ripped off by Christmas....Muha haha ha ha! (oh common, he never likes my gifts anyway...can I blame it on the fact that we live in the same house?!)
8. Availability of cake and cake shops--Justdial is like super helpful man..they'll make places like Practising Pasteries call you and insist on delivering delicacies like Chocolat Tromborne!
9. Hunger and appetite for thrills-- On the arrival of D-day, are all gifters ready for lemon mint rassam? do you prefer Tuppa and chillis instead? or would you like to replace your stemming hot palao with steaming hot Gajjar Halwa?! (*roasted cashews assured. Conditions apply!)
What about carolling? really like to croak/bable, do we? or is it just the icing-smashed face we look forward to?
Ah the diluted truffle sauce...ah the mushroom subs dipped in chocolate..u just gotta walk out undertipping the coffee/beer places.

'Oh no! Information overload! we need a thingy! a thingy!?'
'A thingy?! An er...abbreviation...anagram...u mean'-a little ELT later works no chrms here
'That thing only!'
'THE PIT LAB!! ah..perfect!'
'no no bout LIP BET HAL'
'Ah yeah...hal can be like this horney dude who bets on thickness of chick's lips!!'
'No then!'

Needless to say, candidate no 2 failed 'Gifter Psychology 1-o-1'
Tonight, the tantalising Medha Goel( Bihari/Honarary Banglorean/Media dept rapist) calls out to overexposed to heat-and-cold mind.
....Ah...if only Guitar guys were not publish before rant 2! please!
PS 1: Muffled Mind, Puddled looking for an alterego who does not condone alliteration...
I helped you with ur blog title, now comment on mine!
PS 2: I think the title of la post claims an A+ in Advertising and PR
Disclaimer: I hereby refuse to take blogger seriously!
Blur song 2 here I come! woohoo!


  1. 1st. that pic was taken after comm street.. notice Bob Dylan Jacket i say!

    2nd. How much more will you whine?

    3rd. Go clean your room!

  2. 1. That's the wollen sweater u dodo! it's pre-foodworld! not post comm street..
    2. Calvin told me it's ok to the babysat!
    3. Mom says I can leave my room like a kachadda kazara area..that way she pays less tax! :D

  3. 1. I don't like change, so new template n all made me blink. Twice. Then adapting happened.
    2. Feacal year? What shit.
    3. I like Puddled Mind, I do.
    4. Google's World Domination is really Sergey Brin's revenge for the Cold War.
    5. Speaking of GWD, check out Google Sites. Is cool.

  4. 1.right on! that's the point!
    2.that's why ur a dropout!
    3.puddled Parnika it is! A small girl who needs big space! I got full on bumping-into-rock high in the middle of PR paper!
    4.Blogger shall be ditched! W to Sergey Brin! I'm over the cold war, u aren't! Go jump MF!
    5.huh wha?! get me off your blog roll first! the Goel type ad is relly unneccessary!

  5. @ Naik *Kachadda Kazana, if you know what I mean
    and I named my third kid yesterday...will tell you at story time!

  6. New blog up!dated!
    :) Ping for details!