Wednesday, 11 February 2009

yeah I can hyperlink! I just dont wanna!!
I can costume party the whole world from my closet!!
I can write a song without a tune
I can identify the songs in the background of all these silly soaps
why should this sound like smt on facebook?

I can visit bohemian's blog without reading his creed
I can comment on the uncommented
I can create graffitti msgs on sauce filled plates
I can..I must publish this post!!
(shar refuses to remain anonymous despite blacked out bits of fascinating convo)

Parnika: ur back and still no blogpost!!
Sharanya: lol
haven't even started
babysitting is happening
Parnika: thu-ing on u!!

doubt-do scottish ppl wear french type hats

Sharanya: lol..
this type
i've assigned costume designing to meself
Sharanya: to answer your question..they wear beret like hats
like the indian army
pushed down on one side and typically flat
Parnika: cos ppl seem to think checking things are the only unique piece o clothing in scotland
Sharanya: hehhe
Parnika: how do i make them?
plaid is not = scot!!!
Sharanya: say it real loud
that works sometimes
Parnika: aha..tomo watch me scream in class
louder than the trouborns born there!!
this is nice and easy
Sharanya: lol
Parnika: he driving myself mad :)
Sharanya: yayee!
Parnika: ooooooooo
im turned on by just the aaa!
head!! gimme a head!!!
and then that disappoints
maybe i'll hyperlink this convo to my blog


  1. you is lazy. not lazier than i. but lazy. And we have the most inane conversations ever! And i talk way too much about the army. :D
    please please change horrendously large title of blog. it distracts it does.

  2. Sharanya: commented
    Parnika: i know!!
    and i am gonna change title
    as soon as the slog phase passes
    did i say slog
    i meant slug
    Sharanya: hehee
    slog slug

    The slow slug community returns!! And it's obvious we love army talk...u'd be outta business otherwise!
    I still need bagpipes and checked socks but I've more or less outfitted the whole of FEP in the scot department of my head!!
    Thank u!

  3. Socks. I knew I forgot something. I'm changing my creed after Watchmen releases.

  4. Scoteesh joke!
    -What's usually worn under a kilt?
    -No! Socks and Shoes!

  5. Oh there's this thing called kilt hose...look it up!
    And yeah boxers are an option to avoid R-rated photo moments in the wind. *refer to scandulous conversation with MrV.*
    The Indian piper, however,refused to part with his pants!! Sangi's pleading din't exactly help! I had to change from salwar to skirt to kilt and back to jeans in those heated BB court hours. Ah! Whatte day!
    The half done bagpipes managed to draw attention to our charming barmaids. And thanks to our McGregor copycat, the dance was enjoyable despite initial technical difficulties...That's one day the dropout missed!
    Changing creed? or just the bloggerness of it? *oops! I think I approved comments in the wrong order :P*