Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Of Love, Hope and Wonder

Puddled Musings

In a puddle I ponder

Of love, hope and wonder

If I could wash away my innocence

In muddy puddles of rain

Would it make me any more insane?

If I could drink an ounce of joy

And love that tramp for who he is

Would I know all the answers to the next quiz?

If I could cheat the wealth of an obstinate fool

After counting each blessed sin

Would I be allowed to evil grin?

If I could measure darkness

Of an empty room

Would hearts be filled with that much gloom?

If I could confide in a summer ray

And anchor hope on bashful pride

Would you bother to choose a side?

If I could thread sparked thought on a spindle

And weave enough to make a skirt

Would I still be dreaming here on earth?

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