Monday, 16 March 2009

State of Blankness

It's pretty obvious who this post is dedicated to!

If I had to write a testimonial for her, it'll be just one line.
'A fortunate girl in an unfortunate world'
hehe...don't expect explanation/elaboration..
She once said/wrote in a Christmas letter 'If I had to write a book about my life, there'd be so many chapters about you!'
Well, I'm just writing this pathetic-replacement-for-a-slambook thing and you are in SO many photo albums! I don't even have to choose, just click on anything from Ethnic day 2007 to Psycho fest 2009 and there'll invariably be a 'Sueness' pic.
Yeah, so I don't have to give the whole 'You've been an integral part of my coll life' speech. These pics sum it up.

*We met on a 'day so dark'*
This one was captioned 'See! we do eat!'
hehe..serves as evidence to Su's mom.
Boy! am I glad we're the same size!..well, almost!
*Leather Heaven*

Wierdly enough, there isn't even one pic of me wearing your clothes or you wearing mine!
There's hardly a day when something or the other that belongs to me is at her place. At this very moment, the better half my sweater collection, my one and only purple earring, my extra toothbrush, two skirts and I'm guessing at least 4 of my tops reside in the house that serves the best food in all of Domlur!
But seriously, it's not like I have to think while walking from the busstop to your place. My feet just lead me there! And that's just on the days your bike doesn't!

*Ring Road* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And to all the times we spent outside your house...





*This is making me senti*

*Think Time*
I'll miss the way you knew me so well.

*Scorpion Momentos*
I'll miss the way you GET me and win prizes for it too!!

I'll miss the way you hated pink!

Damn! It's getting harder and harder to end this post!!
Ah! whatever, she's the queen of endings, not I! Stay tuned to comments!

PS: These are some pics I uploaded and don't wanna delete cos it took a lot of trouble and time!
Pah! the things I do for this woman!
Oh! she's wearing my skirt in this one :)

And she's hugging her toodles in this one.

She's studying in this one.

She's being my best friend in this one.


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  1. :) i finally read it.


    love ya girl... Danke. :D