Saturday, 7 March 2009

"You have their numbers"
Is that supposed to be consolation for leaving all by best friends behind?!!
I say that as if I'm leaving to the States next week. Ah! it just feels all distant.
Yeah, one week for college to end. good! get rid of this shithole place! move on!
I went to JWT job hunting the other day and felt very professional.
Colleagues still get to scream at me with smiley dirts from the backrows.
There's nothing like an inside joke int he middle of formidable CIAs.
Every breakdown I've had right here in this very classroom.
Every lol moment I've shared in this very classroom!
And all those out of the window DC moments.
There're endless memories, even the Asian paints ad agrees.
'I'm always right', says a know-it-all
'I have a doubt', says the rabbit toothed first bencher.
'I couldn't care less", says the window seat dreamer

I love everything about college!
Except the system and the way we've been guinea pigged through it from college to autonomy to University. I guess those suggestion forms were sacrifices we had to make for a better future at the cost that lost magazine journalism certificate. Ah! the joys of a graduate life.

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