Sunday, 21 June 2009

Munch On It

Cos that’s what friends do!

They put a coat over their pajamas and take a taxi downtown just to make sure you’re not alone on New Years Eve.

I watched Sex and the City again and it made me miss the first bunch of girlfriends I made in college. I can’t go comparing myself to Carry Bradshaw, but I’d say we had our fun and flaws just like the women in the movie.

It makes me itch to think what the next chapter would have read if we had stayed friends.

It started at Sweet Chariot on tissue paper and ended up in the empty carton for the shredding machine. The Munches disintegrated much like unused tissue in an old cardboard box. I can’t quite point my finger on a day, an event, a person and say ‘That’s what happened.’I guess I blame myself most of the time.

It’s easier to talk about the good times and so I will. Starting with our first sleepover at Shar’s and ending with Wonderla, cos that’s the last time I can remember having fun with you guys.There are still some things only we would GET. Like ‘Bleachers’ or how long it takes to get into ethnic day sarees! We rarely ever talked without throwing in Oshisms, Nuards or the number 74! I think I may still have some of our ‘witty banter’ text msgs saved in some old diary.

I didn’t mean to make this a nostalgic rant wrapped in guilt but that’s probably what it is. I don’t know if it’s my loneliness or joblessness which is prompting me to walk down this road but I’m kinda glad I did.

Thanks for all the good times. It’s impossible to forget the richness you brought into my college life and whether it was Awing over PK or cursing Abhaya, I’ll always remember how each of you let me be me. Mwah! And Good Night!

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  1. Sweet dreams too! :-)
    C' is too short for regrets! :-)