Thursday, 25 June 2009


Big green eyes, staring into mine. Catlike agility. Lashes barrel out. Dialation. Where does the red strap lead? Pink toes nailpolish contrast me!

Blink. Blink. Cringe. I fit. Misfit. Playing for keeps. Leap out of the page. Make sense!

When will I go? I think I’m moving on. Would you do it for me? How often have I heard you say you’re bored?

The sound of moving on. Crush paper and wet it till the ink runs down your knuckles. Do me a favour. Tell me which way’s up. I don’t know how to sit!

Hold on. With open arms. It’s time.

Fringe it out. Bang it in. Pin it down. Slash it up. Crash!

Crush it into little balls of fire. Hold it no more. That’s gone. Move on.

Seldom do I feel elated. Can you make sense of the front desk receptionist who can speak only two words of English?

Cos you’re the only one reading this at this moment, I will give you props for reaching this far. I don’t know why I let you in.

I have a profile and everything. I don’t know what I’m afraid of. I’m never coming back. Chill. You’re down. It’ll be alright. The thoughts swim around and chase each other into corners where they swell and explode. So predictable. Big black horse on a cherry tree.

Keep on walking. Reach the end of your wits. Marry me. Night falls on the gentle. Hard luck my friend. This was intended for you. Lightning finds another soulmate. Shouldn’t have done that mate. Wait!

Sign in again. Happy days. What do I do? Ask my assistant. 12.

Minutes away. A little child is born in the home of a millionaire.

She doesn’t care. I quit. Fine. Go catch a duck. Like I give a...


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