Sunday, 12 July 2009


At the close of a relaxing weekend, there’s nothing better than sitting for hours and letting your wonderings wander. So she lay there thinking of KFC and her last chocolate chip cookie. It took two beanbags to get just that comfortable. She watched the sky turn from light blue to dark grey. It had been 2 hours since the lights had gone out leaving her in this blissful quiet. The spider dangling from the window sill had either completed his web or abandoned it.

Her web of thought drifted from back benchers in college to the swivelly chairs at work. She smiled at her variety of nicknames. She was always the smiley, quiet type at first. It took a few weeks to get to know the real Parnika. She’d open up to the most unlikely people and most of the time she’d end up having the best of friends. This had always been her greatest strength.

Her smile broadened as she remembered the many sleepovers, bus rides and lunch breaks she had shared with these absolute nutcases. She had fallen in love with the girl she was around these people. Each group prompted a different side to emerge and she knew she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this multiplicity of character. She started to wonder what the new Parnika would be like. A working woman with…the lights flashed back on, almost blinding her. Her line of thought interrupted. Now, she started to wonder about the 9 o clock movie, the microwave dinner and the wet towel on her bed. Sigh!

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