Thursday, 27 August 2009

More weird dreams

Someone I haven't talked to in a year wanted to speak to me again.
I had a super charming boyfriend... mmm..
I was a guy french kissing a little girl... Ewww...but the kiss was good...hehe
He and I were at home with an old cassette singing on top of our lungs...screeching actually...haha
Leah comes home and wears my brown skirt.
Su and I buy her a new dress too.
I have a really hard Physics exam tomo, which I haven't studied a word for.
We're on our way to Delhi in a plane which looks more like a train inside.
We stop at some places which look like school.
Ramona and Joyce are there trying to fix a tent sorta thing.
We're in 8A with Shilka and everyone else, sitting right at the back.
Apparently Am and Sum are supposed to come too.
Then I remember they are in Commits and Hyderabad.
Rabbi Mani is taking class.
I'm late.
I tell her my roll number is 18.
(Even though my roll number was 28 in school)
She crosses it off the messy attendance sheet.
I wake up wondering how many people actually remember their school roll numbers.

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