Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

I just realised why I'm working at IBM.
I'm good at it.
For the first time after a long time, I'm top of the class.
I'm the best there is.
I like that feeling.
I haven't felt that sense of accomplishment since school.
It gives me something to rejoice in.
It gives me something to be proud of.
My self worth sours every time I get an appreciation, every time Rajat Sir or Arsh congratulates me. I like being this good at something.
I hate remembering the not-so-good times. More often than not, my thoughts linger on the unpleasant experiences and I wish this didn't happen so often. I really need to start letting go, forgiving myself for my imperfections.
And in that time between the last touch of make up and getting on the cab, she prays. She thanks, she forgives, she hopes...

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