Friday, 30 October 2009

Feminist rant after reading VW-Room of one's own.

So she gets outta bed every morning despite the rain and cold, and slush outside her house.
She wears floaters because Chappals would make her feet get dirty and icky.
I wore a kurtha..a nice blue kurtha, and jeans…a lot of denim…denim makes me happy. My dad owned a denim company once and my brother bought me a nice I wear the jacket…its freaking cold…I’m not gonna wear a flimsy shawl
Under the denim sleeve there’re charm bracelet cos today there is a competition to win and I am going to win it
A watch…the one my aunt bought for me in Delhi
I call the team mates….it so happens that she’s wearing blue too
And they will be there on time
But I have to leave early cos I live so freaking far away
Hurry! Its 8! DC is at 10!
Fine..i leave..I’m happy I’m not going to my sodden old college today
I’m going some where new…
4 buses and a little walking later..I’m’s rainy but I still walked there…
‘There’ is a strange place and it’s filled with mutants with long hair, long earrings, beautiful clothes and make up.
But today is their happy day..their some of them who actually care wore red T shirts and walked around like they were all important
That’s cool…it happens in my college during our fest too
He he…there are just so many girls’s like being back in Sacred Hearts..a little peace of home.
She goes all the way there.
Then she thinks to herself, I wasn’t affected by it then. Why should I be affected by it now. Too much time to think and ponder, worry and feel miserable about myself.
Enough get outta this rut
U are a strong person
Sometimes no one cares and some one too many ppl care.

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