Friday, 30 October 2009

Soul Vacation

It was my sole vacation and my soul vacation
It was the lack of anything to do..the giving in to sloth that made it worth it
The relaxing nothingness
The running away from everything Bangalore
And its crappines
And its ppl
And its loneliness
I met new ppl
Not the ones I wanted to
Like it matters
There’ll be liquor chocolate fountains anyway
And a 25 meter train so that all those wannabe bridesmaids can have their turn..
A wedding is such a social event really
The bride and groom really don’t matter

U do the best u can
Keep telling urself that
U need a self confidence boost for DC nervous wreck high wont help u
Stay happy my dear
Ur doin what u want

I failed

U know I pity those who haven’t ever failed in their lives
Not knowing what it feels like makes u fear it even more
Failure is so good for u
U have no idea
Right now I just want to do that paper again
And I really feel like doing it this time
I wont have the nervous wreck beside me
Ill have the optimist
Who’ll make fun of every second line
And ill laugh so hard
The paper is gonna be fun actually
I need ppl to reassure me that im good at smt
Keeping her focused kept me focused thus far
Now when she needed to do it for me she failed
I don’t care
Its my exam fear ill deal with it
My last minute studying
Its really nobodys fault
Im done with the blame game
Im done with the bitches
Ill do what I want as long as I know what I want to do
And when I don’t know I wont use the OCD rule
Ill send a little prayer to God
And he’ll tell me
The heart knows best trust ur instincts
The bloody taureans can go kill themselves
I don’t believe
I will not!
It’s a fun fact
That’s about it
I like the ganesha statue it reminds me of jana pada loka
That day is forever imprinted in my memory
And tho he doesn’t deserve a place on my switchboard he will remain there
Until I care enough to find out what his counterparts really are
Parsi culture
Not the religion
Just the culture I wanna know
Everyone's attracted to that word cos its rare its unique
They have no clue what it means
And neither do I

Bubli aunty can go die
Im gonna look it up
Im gonna dig deeper
Its time for a little identity crisis
Ill make it work this time
I wont go on a tangent on the universal Grey line to appease everyone
Ill make my own
Isn’t that what I wanted to do anyway
I haven’t dug deep enough yet
I need to

Radiohead is good writing music
And thank god stupid internet is not working
The head chewers are not around
Ok ad time
Medha ass licking time
I really need to stop swearing
Too passionate
Stability in instability
Smt to acquire
Whats 1st period tomo?
I don’t like that it became gossip
She was so happy when she got that dress
What the fuck happened
Im insensitive
I know I am
And ive bloody messed up too much
Their happy ppl are seeing each other
Don’t tear that apart
I don’t like that
He uses me as his canvas
Poke back
Hit back
U wont even get caught anymore
He always covers for u
And besides the tearing urself in two doesn’t really matter anymore
Schizo anyway u are
Yellow wallpaper
Paper tearing
Maybe he had a really big job
She doesn’t take care of him
Shes so over him
Its good
The grins go all around

I saw Adrien today
Should have said hi
Such a chuth I am
So bloody uncomfortable around a cute guy
Face touching
Im an easy victim
Keep one page open always
U need ur mind maps
Aargh that was idiotic
I felt loved for those two secs there
And madhu knew
She used to be my heart reader u know
Weird some ppl are
They cant be faithful
They don’t know what going steady means
That just sucks
I am that kinda angel
Dude im not going to live my life like that
Pari is freer
She was up
She still is

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