Friday, 30 April 2010

Wild Horses

I know I'm meltin, it's easy to do
Passion you fed me, I gave in to you
Graceless fingers, you know how I am
Babe, you can't change me by bein' my man
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away

Caffeine kisses, it's pleasin to you
Your touch is tender, tender n true
You have your freedom n' all of my time
But I just can't love you, ev'n if I tried
Wild horses couldn't drag you away
Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday


  1. I like! And fits the tune too!! I love that song, and I love your verses to it!!

  2. Oh you have no idea how tedious it was to get my verses to 'fit the tune'...but yeah, they do and I'm so glad you love it cos I was a afraid a true fan of the song, might not...