Thursday, 17 June 2010

Colour me Purple!

I'm writing this cos for a long time now I've wanted to write something without thinking too much about it and now seems like the only time to do so.

I miss her
I miss her everyday
Not every minute of everyday
But I miss her everyday

And this would be a song I'd dedicate to my mom:
'Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have you told you there's no one else above you...'

And she asked me today 'Where's your brother?'
And as always I answered 'I donno. I don't care'
Tonight she asked 'You wanna be one n only bachcha again?'
yes ma I wanna be your one n only again
Back to a time when it was just 3 of us
A time i would like to remember more clearly.

Have you ever missed someone while they were sitting right next to you?
Is it possible to be that nostalgic?
Today I found a picture of Mr Cubbon in my laundry basket.
You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you
Yes, I do wish he would come to Sports bar someday
But I so know he wouldn't get why I enjoy it so much
It's like I was telling Adi the other day 'It's like Sports bar is branded on our souls and there's nothing we can do about it'
And then he said smt I dint pay attention to
And then I said 'Why dyu sound like you're consoling me. I'm actually happy it's branded on our souls' :)
'We never go anywhere else...'
'And why should we? We get free entry, we know everyone here and we're treated like queens...'

And why should I try
Why should I decide
What if this part of it
Doesn't require a decision at all                                                                                                                                

I just dropped a whole load of leather polish on the keyboard. I don't think it did much cleaning but at least I got a new smell up my nose!
This sounds like one of those posts I should write with a cigarette in one hand and half a glass of rum in the other.
So no one knows my story of the red umbrella? no one?
I do remember telling someone but I don't remember who...for me it's always more about the telling than the listening.
And for a person who doesn't listen much, I did quite a bit of it today. Listening makes me sad. Yes, listening depresses me. And no matter what is being heard, I end up feeling a little left out by the end of it.
I don't have a roses and thorns list anymore. It's more like a boyfriend and potential boyfriend
Yes, I only said that for comedic effect! forget it already!

She always makes me wonder why I'm even alive
That's why I love her
You got to tell me your secret
Your secret of doing double the work in half the time
Your secret to looking so cool in sunglasses on a bus!
Your secret of carrying dried up pens in your bag and offering them to strangers who need to sign their buss passes
I gotta know! I gotta know how you do it all!
And still manage to smile
I've tried to be that woman so many times

One stupid hypothetical question...
You can think of it as rhetorical if you don't want to answer it...
Oh! freak it! I don't want to ask it anymore!
Well, I'll tell you why! Cos neither answer would make be feel any better.
Cos I know it's doomed and I've known for a while now.
Knew before you did at least.
'And isn't that the most dastardly way to break up with a person?!! The most impersonal, ridiculous thing u ever heard!!'
'Yes. Yes it is' Sigh
And I think I'm done for the day.
It's team lunch tomo. I hope they don't serve Biriyani again.


  1. I am Vain! and I know the Mr. Cubbon part was for me!

  2. PS: It wasn't biriyani it was simple anna-sambhar with papadd and I loved it! :D