Friday, 23 July 2010

oh u make me :)

I would have to chose myself for 'the one who can look  stoned even when she isn't!' :-S
It was a smile worth writing about...he stood there with round eyes on a round face on a round body..and I stood just moments ahead of him.
On any ordinary evening, I would have let him go first and I would have waited for the next one. But this was no ordinary evening.
I was late. I was late for what I knew was gonna be the award-worthiest movie of 2010. I was late late by no fault of my own and I wasn't gonna let some round nerd steal that away from me!
So I flagged down every seemingly empty auto in sight. He let me.
'Garuda Mall', I yelled hopefully.
No luck
His turn.
'Old Temple Road'
And there it was! The triumphant smile that said 'See! Chivalry does pay!'
And it was so genuine and so lacking in expected condescension that I just HAD to smile back!
It was one of those smiles you share with a stranger u'll never meet again, one who leaves a lasting impression with nothing more than a perfectly round smile.

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