Thursday, 27 October 2011

AHA Moments

23 Sept 11
I want to feel more me!
I don't like work me
I don't smile as much
and I want Oreos now.

3 Aug 11
I've never had stability and I don't care much for it.

25 July 11
I'm not sure
i dont have that comforting determination feeling at the pit of my stomach
I'm just not sure
and it has a lot to do with anxiety

21 July 11
I'm still the same person
It won't change it won't make me better
It wont relax me
I'm still lonely and needy and clingy
i still cry
i still type like a madman

6 months
I'm going to work towards it.
i have a goal now.

12 July 11
Love is strange
love lingers
it's that tingly feeling at the pit of your stomach
it's the heartbreak at the end of a phonecall

Farewell Rakhee
Your grinning face, your working pace
Your hunger for food and knowledge
Your friendly wink, the way you think,
And all your handsome crushes
These are the things we’ll miss the most
About the girl from Trivandum coast!
All the best, Rakhee!
Thanks for everything!

Knowledge Management Team

Wild Things
I could change the widlest thing that didn't want saving
They might come back to you
Wild things sometimes do

Sharu Bday

No matter how 'ADULT' you get, you're still gonna be immortally beautiful, exceedingly intelligent, cynically witty, contagiously amusing and altogether way too much fun to be around. I LOVE YEW!!! *sloppy kisses and bear hugs*

 23 May 11
Who am I kidding
This isnt mixed feelings
Im unhappy
I cant be entirely happy
I lie when I say I'm thrilled

I’ve been listening to Dylan music since….before I was born! My dad was a huge fan, so much so that ‘Forever Young’ became his epitaph. I remember being asked to copy out the song onto handmade paper as a child. The calligraphy version was pinned up in my room for years. Growing up, I remember listening to ‘Blowing in the Wind’, ‘Tamborine Man’ and particularly ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’ from old, worn-out cassettes. In college, when asked to read out my favourite piece of literature, I chose to take the treasured Dylan lyrics book out of the house and into the classroom. Even though Dylan has been recognized as civil rights activist, to me, he’ll always be the great lyricist whose music is absolutely timeless…Happy Birthday Dylan!

12 May 11
When they said ‘Save it for a rainy day!’, they meant today 
I thank the little girl who made me smile and make funny faces at her
I thank the red Volvo that splashed a whole puddle on me

5 May 11
They plastered blue glycerine over the windows.
The purple flowers look purposefully blue.

18 Apr 11
and the living is easy

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