Monday, 14 November 2011

Saved Msgs

These are things saved on my phone:
Thing 1: I did ? Not that you arent . 
             You my naughty angle . 
             Muah muah
His dyslexia is endearing.

Thing 2: No Me cuckoo for u! So cuckoo! Me love you you! Love love love! Muah!
He's still SO cuckoo for me! :P I love the way we're still in love, sigh...

Thing 3: Ha ha true true didnt realize that :-* i want to lips you . Make sweet love to you baby muah . 
Yeah that's a phone typo! He means kiss. Reading this still gives me tinglings. :) We were both virgins then and it surprised me how ready I was. How bold. This must have been the first time he mentioned sex and it didn't trouble me. Just turned me on.

Thing 4: U no skype me i want secret kissis
I used to skype him from work and the skype symbol was our secret kiss. *blush*

Thing 5: Oye dumdums! Don mess with my boyfriend! leave him alone! You'll have hell to pay if u dare to hurt him! U get? 
To his jeering friends. Ugh! How I hate the way he's friends with people who tear into his barely existent ego. And you can't even call them fiends. He's true. He's true to them, the poor man. :-/

Thing 6: You set my life on fire
I was listening to the Doors at Xtreme and msged him the lyrics.

Thing 7: Baby i feel so bad we didn't talk . Sorry baby . Love you and i miss you . 
Sincere. We still start conversations with 'Hi baby, how are you?' and he's the only one who'll listen to that answer. Even when it's not 'Fine, baby, how you?' He'll listen when it's whiny, ranty, squeaky, squealy, happy, smiley, grinny, mini, loud, outrageous, melty, wilty, guilty, tantrumy, or even tummy, yummy! Me loves him. Me does. grin.

Thing 8: Am it happened :-)
She was the first to know. :-)

Thing 9: Happy anniversary baby...i'm so happy with u I sometimes forget time and u to bits! Oh you make me smile! I'll see u soon...muah muah muah!
14-03-2011. 2nd. I was at work. He was at home. Waiting.

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