Sunday, 29 January 2012

Settle Down

Let's try this. Lets try writing someone a letter. Let's start with the first person in your address book.

Dear Abi Aunty, It's been ages since I wrote to you! Do you still have breast cancer or did the last operation do the trick? How's Alina's grand mom and whatever happened to their cats? Do you still play bridge tournaments with Uncle Bob? We had a friend from Australia visit recently. She knew mom before I was born so it's nice to hear stories of mom and dad's good ol' times while she was around. Her son, Sam is Zohrab's age and hasn't given up his bratiness and cracker-craze even after all these years. As kids, he teamed up with my brother, smuggled 20 boxes of aussie candy into a tent and ate them all in a day! This time he brought his girlfriend who was so very polite and well-behaved, I think mom wanted to adopt her by the end of their stay!

Dear Abha Sah, We're sorry Sam's pants are still with you. I recently realised one of my friends from Pune was going to Oz in Jan and could have easily taken it back with him. If mom had just let me think clearly instead of couriering them to you in Mumbai we wouldnt even be having this conversation!! Anyway, I gues you could give them away to anyone who would put them to good use!

Dear Shake! Is your beard still chest-long and shaggy? We missed you at Su's budday dinner. Actually her mom missed you most and so did the lonely bowl of gajar halwa! Wish you were still around or at least kept in touch more often. I have that link to your flickr gallery in my FB inbox. Must go check it out now! 
PS: I still regret losing our Komodinator comic book! 

 Hi Osho! My boyfriend wanted to join the Osho community online! any advice? ;) Heard you're dating a familiar Bangalore-based RJ, how's that going for you? I wish I didn't sound so bitter but I still remember you as the bald-headed whiner who broke my friend's heart! 

Hi Alina, Ah, I should go back and watch your wedding video again! :) How's Glenn? Saw something about his new store..the car parts thing..on FB...tell me more about it. Are you in Toronto now? Vancouver? Or in the US? I've lost track...

Hi Pinto, Sir, I remember you telling me I look happier and calmer after I'd started working. I wonder if you've got your Phd yet! Your blog still running?? And I have half a mind of digging out that infamous Optional Eng paper and reading it again. You remember the one in which I failed by 2 marks and you refused to submit my answer sheet to the Exam dept cos of the obscenities I'd written?! I'm still wondering what YOU really thought of it and why you floated the idea of doing a paper on it, which was of course shot down by Sudhamshu, who thought I was looking for those extra 2 marks to pass the crappy mid-terms! Anyway, I hope you still have that mug I painted for you and hope you wife is loving the mickey mouse balding pattern. Cheers!

Hi Arpi, I'm not sure who you are! must be one of those autosave contacts that Gmail thought she was doing a favour for. Maybe you're from my old forwarding list. Hmmmm.

Hi Asma, You must be creeped out my the fact that I remember your grandmom was half parsi. Also, my view of you completely changed after I met Brian and saw what you made of him. Yeah, I do blame you and I am taking the boy's side. For once! But I still think you write awesomely, look great on your Gtalk profile and are the only sensible Google reader in town. Are you even in town...sounds like you're in Mumbai most statuses...

Hi Ayesha, I'm still in love with your perfect little face. So pretty and oh-so-enigmatic. You were the best senior prefect ever. Made it difficult to fill your shoes. 


  1. I just saw this hurr hurr

    1. Err..It's officially time to remove this post...didn't realise people were still reading this blog...thu!

  2. Hi I'm writing cos I have to. I have no other way of reaching you. I need sleep right now. I need kras sorted out. I need to plan for next year and my wedding and kids after that. I thought I had the bridegroom situation under control but what looks perfectly fine on the outside is a mess underneath. I know that only I can understand him and only he can understand me but I can't let go of the fact that his brain is a little diluted. By drugs by parents by alcohol by society by rape by dyslexia by gayness by bullying by being the nice guy. By not needing to flirt. By never saying no. By porn. My mind is polluted too and it always has been. I'm not writing this to make good poetry I'm writing this cos I'm writing this. I'm hurt. I'm angry I'm depressed and I'm dealing with it. I might walk out of meetings sometimes. For just a while I won't be present. I need a break. I need to be the best I can creatively. My job demands it. I love my job. I'm one of those psychos who's passionate. Who's lazy who's inventive. Who love dogs and kittens but hates full grown cats. I'm picky about punctuation but not about meals. I'm detail oriented but I'll never dress that way. I'm some sort of organised chaos that ppl try to define and pin down and put in a box. My box is labelled 'misc' I guess.