Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am 23, going on 24...

I never even imagined it. Not in my tamest dreams. I never thought I'd be actively thinking of getting married and settling down at 23. NO WAY! And now I can't find an un-corny way of saying 'I found the man of my dreams and I can't wait to get married and have his kids!!' It feels unreal, even writing about it. It only actually sunk in when I was at our fav coffee shop discussing the day we're gonna break it to our parents. The Sus are very much in the same boat and they're both pretty sure their moms are gonna have heart attacks. I just sit there wondering why everyone thinks Hindi serials are so lame when there's one unfolding in their own lives.

So I tell Juggy bout it on the way home and he just says 'You're lucky the Parsis kicked you out!'. It took me 3 whole mins to come to the happy realization that if I was brought up in a tight community like that, I'd have an arranged marriage shoved down my throat as well. It's just fortunate that my mom is one of the most open-minded parents on the face of this planet. And don't get ideas, I'm not dating a drug dealer! It's just nice to be able to dream about a white wedding without having to think of disgruntled aunts in the background! Fortunately, questions like, "Does he have shudra blood in him?" don't come flying my way. did make him tear open a coconut 'cos she's stereotyped him as a Mallu fisherman! It was quite a task convincing him that he didn't NEED to spend 3 and half hours ripping apart the hard-shelled coconut just to prove his malluness, while concealing the giggles every time the sickle slipped from his hands. Poor Man!

I just don't get the prejudice and in the Sus' case, I don't get why "But this time it's different. This time I'm happy and in love" doesn't work. Does it really sound that naive?? They brought us up to the best of their ability and they'd be the first to boast about our promotions but when it comes to choosing the right man we're just not mature enough to make those decisions. "Um...You were married and pregnant with me at this age! remember?!"

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