Monday, 8 December 2014

Wedding Season

Dreamt that I ruined my own wedding. I forgot to pick up the wedding dress! :-O

As if wedding is not on my mind already, I see my friends 'dropping like dominos' at the aisle/mandappa! 'When are you getting married?' is an expected conversation starter now. Even my mom brought it up and instead of letting it be a good question I just shrugged it off.

Telling an old colleague: 'All my friends are getting married'
To which he replies: 'All my friends are having kids'

So I guess it's just that time in our lives and we can do nothing to stop it or slow it down. Does it make me feel grown up? yes. old? sometimes. But most of the time it's exciting. Even the thought of 'I'm next!' is exciting and not terrifying.

I take comfort in the fact that it's easy for me. You don't hear a love story like mine everyday. but when you do, you have to thank god, you're on this side of the fence.

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