Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Bucket List

30 days no coffee
Be part of a flash mob
Be an extra in TV/ Film
Dye My hair
Complete a crossword puzzle
Dine by candlelight only
Do a 24 hour fast
Email a friend I haven't heard from in a while
Find an interesting ancestor (genealogy)
Find a four leaf clover
Floss more
Fly a plane
Get lost in a great book
Give Blood
Go fishing
Go jet skiing
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Go on a no budget spending spree
Go on a spa holiday
Go on holiday by myself
Go rollerskating
Go skinny dipping
Go to a farmer's market
Go to a concert
Go to a jazz club
Go to a museum
Go to a planetarium
Go to a strip club
Go to the Opera
Go SCUBA diving
Go to the Theatre
Go zip lining
Go to a yoga class
Have a fish pedicure
Have a picnic
Have a spa day with friends
Have a sleepover with friend(s)
Holiday in a caravan
Host a dinner party
Learn to Swim
Karaoke with BFFs
Kiss in the rain
Leave my hand prints/initials in wet concrete
Fit into all my clothes
Make a time capsule
Make a new friend
Make out in a changing room
Movie night with friends
Party on a boat
Play a musical instrument
Play strip poker
Plant a tree
Learn to Drive
Run/Walk a 10k
Sing in the rain
Stay unemployed for 30 days
Stay up all night
Learn to Cook
Take a spontaneous road trip
Take a wine tasting tour
Throw a dart at a map and go where it lands
Visit a Buddhist Temple
Visit Venice
Walk for cancer
Watch a Sunrise
Visit Australia
Visit Canada
Write a handwritten love letter
Publish a book

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