Monday, 31 October 2016

Since I can't read...

I will write.

I'm back here at this place where we met. No romance at Ganesh Cafe but a fair amount of oogling, ooo-ing and aah-ing at Moksha, where we are staying for the 3 day trip.
I don't miss anyone or anything. Except if I had my book here, I'd be reading, instead of doing this.

I want to look up an old poem of mine to put up with my new profile pic. I look grown up and AM used the word 'Regal'. I don't mind that I'm wearing someone else's dress or that...

Actually I don't mind anything. I'm at peace with who I am now.  In transition, though, to someone thinner and kinder, not kinder just doing something more meaningful with my life. I'm not going to say I feel empty. I don't.  I'm proud of how much I've achieved in the corporate world. I've had my ups and downs but I've done well. I've earned well and I have a good network of people who know my worth.
 It's time now to explore something new. It may not be the ideal time considering my personal life, but if not now then when?

I had a dream that Jen was a hooker and she told me about it. It's not possible for a person to be all good. I had more dreams which I cannot recollect right now cos this one was so striking.

I don't have dreams, in the bigger sense of the word. Just a direction which I feel I should move towards. 

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