Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Keep Watching

Other videos I like:
~OK GO-Here we Go Again-the six treadmills and the four beautifully choreographed singers..i can watch it over and over again..the tune is pretty good too:)
~Foo Fighters-The Pretender and Best Of You-Where should I start? Dave Grohls hair? he he...
I love every second of each of these videos.
~HUH!! I just found out that someone is plagiarizing my Fav videos section on Orkut! even the little thing u write on the side! And she thought she could get away with it!!
~Ok I do like the videos I have there..especially Bad Day and That Bon Jovi one :)
~Switchfoot-We Are One Tonight-Amazing!! The transitions between scenes are just amazing..

Note: The little girl with the violin in the "There She Goes" video is adorable
I don't understand why the kissers have to be there in the "Beautiful Day" video
especially on the line "See China right in front of you"..that makes absolutely no sense!! And the first time the airplane went over his head I was like "wow" but by the third time or so it gets kinda boring.

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