Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Weekend Wagueness

Random bits of saturday and sunday-The Birthday Weekend

So I made a birthday song:

She'll buy me something nice she says

Be careful of the price she says

Something to match that skirt she sayd

The one thats straight not curved she says

We'll take you some place nice they say

Be careful of the price they say

To celebrate your age they say

With chocolate cream and cake they say

Too old for balloons and dolls I say

I like it when people call I say

At twelve there's a long line I say

Adorable friends of mine I say

I'll treat them some place nice I say

Never mind the price I say

All my love for pearls I say

Can't match what I feel for my girls I say

One of ma gals said in reply:

Good morning I say
Lovely morning I say
Something nice indeed I say
V'l buy 4 u so u may
Have a wonderful day
Cuz u were born 20 years ago 2day!
Oh..N I'm going back ta sleep I say!

This is possibly the same 'she' in line 1 of my poem
Tho promise in poem 2 is carried over
Maybe something from Swiss she says


And on Sunday we went to the lake
This involves 3 parts
The Going
The eating
The coming
Each takes around three hrs
A little water is involved in the middle


Caught in a web of immaturity

Though 20 takes away the insecurity

I still believe in making a mess

In denial of my NonTeenageNess

Vini gave me the first line I just came up with the rest after dunking my biscuit in some tea


This weekend includes Monday.
So I'm 20 now
It's not worth all the fuss really
I got nice gifts tho
And there are ppl who threaten to kill me if I put up pictures
So just the cake will do

Death by Chocolate
It should have lasted forever.


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