Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sharu :)

You know there's something very pleasant about reading Shar's makes you want to write something on your blog! :D
She makes me smile at with the little things she says...humour so cleverly wrapped up in before this becomes a commercial for her blog....lemme just publish this poem I wrote for her in class once when she wanted to feel better bout herself..I donno if it had the desired effect...she just gave me a hug....he's still kinda incomplete tho..I'm still peeling off the layers of this onion! ;)

Sometimes invisible

Even in red

Not naturally noisy

She spins a web of wit

Her voice she tames

With pen rather than pitch

She won't move an inch

Even when pushed

Confused she might be, careless too
Once she left her phone in the loo!

Hands off handles

Her daredevil emerges

As eight-leggeds scampers

She cringes

Cupboard full of clothes unworn

Bed covered with books, bags

She rushes to college

Leaving behind ammamma’s doshas

You can whine all you like

She won’t sympathize

But her hug can cure

Grumpiness, loneliness, fear.

1 comment:

  1. awww...:)
    Poem is pretty much on ye are...
    i remember when it was written!! The infamous add eng classes that were bearable only coz of our forced writing sessions, deep-sleep sessions and even funner vague discussion sessions.
    MWA! :)