Thursday, 30 October 2008

Talking to myself

And they talk to me while they’re waiting for the other to reply
And they say ‘hey’ in this very ‘I don’t really need to talk to u but I’m being nice' kinda way

And the arm will go around the shoulder
And the lip will be bitten on the other end of the table
And the sigh will go unheard behind the smile
The fake smile that manages to show even in her eyes cos it’s been used so much
Everyone around her seems to be melting into someone else
And she stands there melting into herself
Stars in the sky…only cried at the brightest ones
Wishing she had a warm someone to rub away those goosebumps
She shivers
The draft reaches her bones

She’s cheating
She knows she is
Actually she’s doing nothing wrong

Dude I love me

There’s no reason why somebody else shouldn’t
'Let somebody love you before it’s too late'
'U live in a beautiful world'
U have to adamantly believe it’s not totally evil
And ridiculous
And depressing
And u should stop dragging her down
She’s good for u
Ur not good for her
I miss u
Come back

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